Help Snakes

Unless a snake poses a danger to humans or animals, or is in danger itself, it is best left alone.

If you see a snake:
       • keep all people and pets well away (4m or more);
       • do not try to catch or touch it.

If a snake poses a threat or is injured:
       • contact the Wildlife Rescue hotline on 1300 596 457;
       • watch the snake from a safe distance so that a snake handler can find it more easily:
       • if you find a snake in your house, try to isolate the snake by closing the doors to the room and putting towels along the bottom of the doors.

If a person is bitten by a snake:
       • call 000 for an ambulance immediately;
       • treat the bite by following these instructions.

If a dog, cat or other pet is bitten:
       • immobilise the pet and try to keep him/her as quiet as possible;
       • take the pet to a veterinarian as quickly as possible:
       • ring the vet to let him/her know you are coming.

Further information on snake bites to pets can be found here.Help

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