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Call our 24-hour Call Centre to report a sick, injured or orphaned animal

How You Can Help

Apply to Become a Member

Persons looking to sign up to become a member with Wildlife Rescue Australia can do so by clicking the link above. WRA welcomes new members into its organisation and provides training in the necessary skills. Membership is free.

Register as Rescuer or Carer

Sometimes we will need to send a rescuer to the location of an injured animal. By registering to become a rescuer or carer with WRA, we can contact you when there is an animal that needs your help in the area.

Helping Rescued Wildlife

If an injured, sick or orphaned animal is encountered, it is important to know the best course of action to help that animal. Read our collection of useful articles that can guide you what to do in these situations

About Wildlife Rescue Australia

  • Wildlife Rescue Australia (WRA) is an Australia-wide, specialist volunteer organisation dedicated to the rescue of native animals.
  • WRA is a non-profit, voluntary organisation
  • WRA operates an emergency 24-hour Call Centre staffed by home-based coordinators (PCs) trained to assist in all aspects of animal rescues.
  • More information about WRA can be found in About Wildlife Rescue Australia and the WRA Constitution.
  • It is WRA policy to “Live and Let Live”. Wherever possible, WRA works with individuals and organisations having the same policy.

Our Wildlife Rescue Statistics for May

Calls by State

Answered Calls in May
Our volunteers answered 100% of these calls.

Calls by Animal

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As a non-profit, volunteer organisation, we rely on donations to keep us operating. By donating to WRA, you help to save our valuable wildlife. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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If you would like to donate to us via direct deposit, please enter your name and email and we will send our bank details to you.


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