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Wildlife Rescue Australia was established to support native animal groups and their members throughout Australia. To this end, WRA operates a Call Centre to facilitate the rescue and care of native animals.

Since commencing operations, over 98% of calls to its hotline have been answered – 95% of them within 20 seconds. Members of the public can contact this 24-hour national hotline (staffed by trained phone coordinators) for advice and/or assistance.

WRA does not hold a rehabilitation licence since its members engage only in organising animal rescues. Wherever appropriate, therefore, WRA arranges for native animals in need to be taken into care by licenced persons.

Many calls, however, can be resolved without involving a rescuer or carer, thus reducing the number of calls to licenced groups. For example:
          • where an animal is not injured, does not pose a threat to humans or other animals and is not itself in danger, callers can be advised to leave the animal alone; such is often the case with snakes and echidnas;
          • where an animal is apparently sick or injured, the caller is often willing to take it to a vet; WRA phone coordinators (PCs) can assist callers in choosing a vet and advise on interim care, if necessary;
          • calls for non-native animals can be directed to an appropriate organisation.

Further assistance can be provided to native animal groups
which REGISTER with Wildlife Rescue Australia

☆ When the area serviced by a group is known:
          • calls received by the Call Centre from that area can be re-directed to the group;
          • calls received from outside that area can be directed elsewhere.

☆ By nominating the animal types for which a group is licenced (on the registration form), calls to the group can be filtered accordingly.

To register with Wildlife Rescue Australia, please complete Group Registration Form.

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Any group seeking further details should contact the WRA Secretary
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