How to Make a Possum Box

  1. Use 10-12mm thick timber such as untreated pine; avoid chipboard.Possum box
  2. Fix timber with galvanised nails and waterproof PVA glue.
  3. Lid should overhang sides by 1-1.5cm and front by 10-12cm to prevent rain entering box.
  4. Lid can be hinged at back by rubber strip cut from inner car tube.
  5. The exterior of the box can be painted with UV-resistant, non-toxic paint to prolong its life and to make it less conspicuous.
  6. A few 10-12mm dia. holes should be drilled in the floor prior to placing some dead leaves in the box.
  7. Attach chicken wire mesh inside and outside the box to assist juveniles climbing in and out.
  8. Hang box 3-4 metres above ground using thick wire or chain firmly secured to the back of the box; use a length of garden hose to protect the tree.
  9. The bottom of the box should be secured to the tree using a galvanised metal strap and flat head nails.
  10. The box should face away from the afternoon sun and strong prevailing winds.

Brushtail possums are very territorial. Moving a possum from its area may condemn it to death.
Boxes of similar design may be used for birds (parrots, kookaburras etc).


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